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The BWR Story

Our story is about passion, persistence, and the will to never give up.

Our owner grew up in the country on a farm. He moved to a small city of about 35,000 population when he was 10 years old. He became interested in taxes and accounting during his senior year of high school. With aspirations to go to college and pursue a degree in accounting and his CPA certification, our owner was set to work toward these goals when everything changed. His father’s business which was in the oil field became very slow due to no work during the oil field down turn. After months of no work for his father, our owner knew that going to college would have to be put on hold. His family would move into a one room dirt floor tin shack. It would take a year before our owner’s father would be able to find work and with his father’s dedication move his family to a home and rebuild their life.

During this time our owner took a job working as a motorcycle mechanic. After years of this kind of work our owner looked to better himself and would then take a job at a naval air station and soon started working on aircraft as an aircraft mechanic. He would later acquire his FAA A&P license . Our owner started his family with his aircraft job. Our Owner left his desire to pursue a college degree on the sidelines for now but never totally forgot it. After many years the burn and passion to pursue what he originally wanted to do out of high school became very strong and he then began to look for ways to acquire his college degree.

In December of 2004, while working full time at his aircraft job 40 to 60 hours a week our owner started going to college at night. It took over 9 years but he would eventually graduate with his Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting. In the years prior during the year 1999 our owner looked for ways to supplement his income and started his tax business in the year 2000 while also working full time at his aircraft job.

Several years after starting his tax business people began to ask about investments. This seemed to go hand in hand, do peoples taxes and also help them invest. He was approached by HD Vest to become a financial advisor for them. He would begin his journey in 2005 by taking the Series 6, 63, and years later followed up with the Series 66, and Series 7 and the Texas Life insurance test and became a financial advisor. During 2005 while working toward his first degree a BA, many tax clients ask if he were a CPA, he would answer not yet but working on it. To increase his knowledge in taxes and to become an expert on taxes, he took the grueling IRS EA Enrolled Agent exam which at the time was given only once a year over two days. He would pass the exam and become an IRS EA which allowed him to represent tax payers in all 50 States.

And now in 2021 our owner has a laundry list of qualifications making his business card state Bert W Raglin, CFP®, CPA, EA, IAR meaning he is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled to practice before the IRS (EA), an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR), and an Advisory Consultant. Our owner has never and will never stop trying to better himself, so he has the knowledge to in turn better his community, and still plans to go back to school and get his PhD.

Now our passion is straight forward, provide the very best Financial and Tax Service possible to our clients, help meet and exceed customers expectation and take this concept to every major city in Texas and then expand this concept across the United States of America. It is our passion to inspire people through our desire to be their financial and tax professional for life. Our owner knew that with just himself, his vision would be limited so he has teamed upped with a talented group of associates and financial assistant reps that have their own story of success to provide the very best professional service that the industry has ever seen. We look forward to working with you and helping you to experience this vision first-hand.

Our passion is and always will be, adding value to each and every person we come in contact with.

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